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Top 5 things to know about mobile app development
So, you want to turn your awesome idea into an equally or even more awesome mobile app? Your technical skills are close to zero? No worries. We bring to you the list of top 5 things you need to know before going into mobile development process to save you from unnecessary and painful mistakes.
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The Full Stack Development with Docker
In this article I will show you how to build full stack environment for PHP and JS developers. The first step is to install docker and docker compose as described here , after successful installation install docker-compose following here.
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Cost of mobile app
Nowadays, our smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are simply steeped in mobile applications. Huge competition on the application market means that everyone has a lot to choose from. It is not only application, which is interesting, but also medicinal product itself.
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MVP development - what, how and why?
Creating a new brand, launching a product on the market, conquering new markets. Where is the point connecting these events? This is of course a great risk and a huge step in development for every company. Thanks to the MVP strategy, the risk incurred by the company can be drastically reduced. So what is it about?
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What to eat then we have no time?
Food is a grand topic. As the saying goes, you don’t live to eat, but you eat to live. If that’s true, why so many of us underestimate the value of healthy nourishment? Well you’ll say that there is no time to pay attention to that, especially if your client or supervisor is pushing you to do more work than you can.
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Ways to Boost Your Productivity at the Office
Many people we talk to say that they are hard at work all the time. That of course is true but the question is – are they working effectively? You can spend lots of time completing a task. It will be done correctly yes, but is that time really well distributed?
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