See how Social Tigers got a brand new e-learning platform

Have you ever done a project, which made you feel so happy with the effects when finished, that you wanted to show off before others? We have just finished one of the most interesting and exciting projects that was very special for us.

How it all began

As a team, we try to respond not only to customer inquiries, which are directed to us, but we try to be active in social media as well. Thanks to this, we are able to keep up with the new trends, but also see what our clients expect from companies. Moreover, we can respond to requests of those looking for collaborators.
One day we found a post on the Marketing and Business group led by Michał Bak. As it turned out later, our client was looking for a company that would be able to create a web-application for him, providing users not only with a decent selection of content, but also with a possibility to create e-learning courses that would always be adapted to current trends in social media.

Contact as one of the most important factors

After reviewing the aforementioned post, we contacted the client as BoostTypers and informed that we would be happy to do the project for him, but first we wanted to learn more about the details and requirements. From the very beginning, we knew that we found someone who really knew their stuff and how to use their knowledge and experience.

Our first meeting took place in Warsaw. We set off to the client's office as BoostTypers team. Once there, we could find out exactly what our client's requirements were for us. As a team, we also organized product workshops to show what our work would look like. Soon after, even more product workshops took place, this time it all happened via Each interview conducted, especially those at the very beginning, allowed us to precisely determine what the client really expected from us, what he wanted, what he required and what he wanted to avoid. The conversations allowed us to put together a list from which we selected the most important functionalities.

First effects

The period between the start of the project to the first design, which was presented to our client, was only two weeks. The mock-ups we created presented the layout of the new website. We had to make a few adjustments, but otherwise we could go on with the work and, among other things, get down to the design. Communication with the client paid off. He told us precisely what he wanted.

Good division of labor

Everyone knows how important it is to plan while carrying out several tasks at the same time. This way you can clearly define what to do and when. We used this solution too. As we work in the Scrum methodology - our work was divided into sprints. We also used Asana board to improve the management of our work. At each stage, not only did we perform present tasks, but we also introduced all the functionalities that were necessary to improve the platform. We were helped during the conversations we held after each sprint, as well as in over 2 500 text messages - most of them exchanged on Slack. We also often proposed our own solutions and ideas thanks to the expert knowledge of our team.

The work is on

The time was passing by quickly, and we did not slow down. All the time we were trying to create a webservice, making new versions that would lead to perfection. Our work included, among others, the update of the code base to the latest version of frameworks (from Symfony 2.8 to Symfony 4.3). In this way, we secured applications against various external threats and also facilitated the process of subsequent development of the entire platform.

After several months of intensive work, we could be very pleased with ourselves. Our Knowledge Base was released. It is a platform that allowed us to create courses that might be interesting to many people from the marketing world. One of the products, that was created by our client thanks to our system, was The Book of Ads 3.0, which was met with great interest. All thanks to the combination of our client's marketing and our platform.

As our clients, Social Tigers received a product that made life easier not only for them but also for their readers and clients. Knowledge Base allows you to easily search for information, primarily on the topics of your interest - in particular in the field of marketing and social media.

What challenges we encountered along the way

While working on the Social Tigers project, a good search engine was not our only goal. Something that ordinary users will not notice is the functionality of the page and navigating through it.

Obviously, website users would like to find articles they are most interested in very quickly. That is why we also spent a lot of time on making navigation convenient, which made searching for information easier and faster. The whole project required a lot of focus and work, mostly from our UX/UI team and developers, but we did get together and we managed well. We owe a lot to the good contact with Social Tigers. And that is why we can be proud together of the platform they use.

Why choose us?

Choosing the right IT partner was of key importance for Social Tigers. This is what the success of the project was largely based on and we believe that our cooperation really brought good results.

Certainly, the client has been convinced that we are a team of professionals who can bring their own ideas and experience to projects.

It was a great adventure

Creating a platform for Social Tigers was a great pleasure for us. There were many challenges on the way and sometimes they required hours or even days of efforts. In the end, however, each problem was solved thanks to the engagement and experience of our specialists. Yet again we have proved that projects which are held by professional can solve every problem, even the most difficult one. Our success is also the fact that the platform is constantly developed, we regularly add new functionalities and still cooperate with our client. We are also happy that we were able to show the client that we are a team of professionals who not only can satisfy his expectations but are proactive as well.

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