Cost of the mobile app.

Nowadays, our smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are simply steeped in mobile applications. Huge competition on the application market means that everyone has a lot to choose from. It is not only application, which is interesting, but also medicinal product itself.
Let us consider this question rhetorical. Of course it is worth it. However, you should approach it accordingly and know where to start and, of course, have a fairly large budget prepared for it. Everything starts with an idea. If someone has a good idea for a mobile application, it is half the way to success. Already at this stage, it is worth considering how much interest in such an invented application could be, or what roles it will fulfil. Not always, an application can be something new, but it is also a product that can be used to supplement another product already offered on the market. Creative approach is of great importance here, because it largely influences whether an application attracts potential customers and makes them want to stay with it, simultaneously becoming more and more involved in the company's operations. An idea, however, is just the beginning, because once someone knows that he really wants to create an application and knows what purpose it is going to serve, it is time to proceed to a slightly more difficult stage, i. e, the implementation of the project. At this point, you have to be ready for costs that can vary a lot. Sometimes they can may surprise you, but creating a mobile application depends on many factors and may cost several thousand as well as several million dollars. If you look at price lists of companies that offer application development, you will see how expensive it may be.

What is included in the cost of the application?

There are many factors affecting creating an application. Some requirements are obligatory and no application will be created without them, but there are also many secondary or additional features without which an application can work well. If there is no person or team that will be involved in the creation of an application, in fact, creation can drag on time and it is not entirely possible to assess what the total costs of creating an application will be. At the beginning, you should decide who is going to be involved in the process of creation. Will it be a freelancer or a small design studio? Or maybe you can afford a professional agency? Depending on who you put it on, the quality of tasks performed for you can vary. One of the cheapest solutions will be of course a freelancer. However, be ready that this way may consume a lot of time. In the case of a very complex application, it can be up to several months. No matter how well-qualified and familiar with programming they can be, remember that they are single, independent working units and their time during the day is limited. In the case of a studio or agency, the matter is a bit better when it comes to the pace of creation. When it comes to larger projects, you can be sure that more people will take care of your application, making everything more efficient and reducing the risk of error. However, the more people are involved, the higher costs become. Technological development and specification have a huge impact on cost of creating application. Costs will vary depending on whether it will be done only for local operation or also on external servers. Differences can be significant here, so specify where exactly and by whom the application is going to be used. If your application is based on larger information bases and is to be available to more people, it is better to choose the latter option.
The type of application created is also important. If you already have your website and would like to transfer it as an application for mobile devices, you can be sure that it will not be a huge cost for you. If, on the other hand, you are planning something bigger, creating it from the beginning, the remuneration for the company creating the app will definitely increase. In fact, in the case of a website, all you need to do is change it properly so that it can be read in the application. Nowadays, it is even possible to use tools that allow the use of it on the mobile version in a very beneficial way from the very beginning. Do not forget that your application looks good if it is simple and aesthetic. That is what is in fashion. Do not think too much about graphics, because you can surprise and scare potential users. Encourage them to use the application, creating graphics that stir up and surprise with their simplicity. If moving around is intuitive and does not require using instructions, it means that you have done a really good job. Make sure that navigating the website is intuitive so that you can always return to the main page with just one click. Also think about whether you want to put on interactive graphics, etc. They may not be good for your application, because they will slow down if opened by a new user.
If you have taken care of all the basics, it is time to think a little about how to develop the app and find ways to do it. One of such methods is expansion to the foreign market. But how to do it with an application that was written in Polish? It is easy. You just need to find a good translator who will be happy to translate our application into the most popular languages. First of all, let it be English and Spanish, two of the most used languages in the world. Add more languages later to reach more customers worldwide. People often look at social media and use them frequently on daily basis. Try using them too. Put on information about your app and create special links to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social platforms within the Application. This way you will surely find at least a few new fans. For sure, over the years of using the application, you have heard about the concept of 'push notifications'. What is this? Thanks to this, every time something new appears on your application, or you want to announce something, you can always use 'push notifications' that somebody will pay attention to. If your application was not created just for fun, but is really to attract attention and earn itself, do not forget to include the appropriate form within the application, as well as the most convenient payment methods. Nowadays, most people use payment by phone, or BLIK and ATM card. You can do it with an application and include payment methods that you know will work best.

And if it does not come out?

There is always a chance that the idea will not work out. The debt towards programmers and designers will have to be paid off and the process of creation will start from the beginning. The most important thing is that it will appeal to people and you can not give up. You have to fight for your dreams. One of the most popular solutions is an MVP. What is this? A special tool or rather a plan that will help to check whether a product on the market will actually sell or wait for someone to finally buy it. The idea of the MVP strategy is to first create the minimum version of an application and then release it to the market, in almost a raw condition. This will allow you to gain real interest, which will also be expressed in opinions about how the product works and what should be improved. Especially the latter is very important, because already at the stage of further development and refinement, it is possible to clearly define what functions people could be interested in. Creating mobile applications is not the easiest task. In spite of many people on the market that deal with it, we still lack specialists, whose increased number is needed to decrease the costs of application development. However, it is worth doing, because it can turn out to be a great product and solution to constantly inform the customer about changes and development, or simply a useful tool for promotion.

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