What to eat then we have no time?

Food is a grand topic. As the saying goes, you don’t live to eat, but you eat to live. If that’s true, why so many of us underestimate the value of healthy nourishment? Well you’ll say that there is no time to pay attention to that, especially if your client or supervisor is pushing you to do more work than you can. As the boss, you also should be concerned about the health of your employees, which comes especially from what they eat. 🥗🍲🥙
I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been there. Trash and fast food, pizza, kebab, fries - oils, fats, carbs and salt. It’s high time to change things, because small changes can make a big difference. As of that I want to share some advice on how to improve your work eating habits and diet. Disclaimer - not all diets are good for everyone. Especially a radical change like going vegan or carnivore only. If you have any issues with food or you see a problem after changing your diet, you should consult a professional dietician. I am not an expert and this knowledge comes only from my personal experience. 💪 There are a few simple ways to improve the way you eat at work. First - prepare food in advance at home. You can do it in the evening the day before. A smart lunchbox will become your best friend. Don’t fear to experiment and try different things, but primarily consume vegetables, fruit and nuts. They contain loads of vitamins, fibers, minerals, natural sugars, good fats, and some even protein. All of that will greatly benefit you. By that I don’t mean to eat a raw carrot. Make yourself a luxurious salad. I won’t bog down to write recipes here ‘cause there are plenty of pages and youtube channels that will do that. 📲 Even if you’re not a vegetarian it’s wise to look at some “vege-websites” as they contain many ideas for easy to make, rich and healthy food. Blending your salad or making a fruit smoothie is cool if you want to save some time and just drink up your meal. 🥤 There is nothing wrong in ordering food to work if you can afford it. Just order the right stuff. Do a quick research on what places can deliver healthy food to your workplace and check are there any diet-box companies. The latter are a good option as they (most of the time) let you consult a dietician who will prepare a special menu just for you. Then the guys (and dames) at the diet-box place will make it for you and deliver it every day. 🍱 Food is a factination topic and you can be astonished by the effects that it has not only on your body but your mental state too. For example if you feel anxiety in the morning before work, it’s good to eat something decent (no sweets allowed). It doesn’t matter if you “can’t stomach it”, just eat it and then see if you feel better.
Be mindful that your diet probably won’t deliver all nutritional and vitamin values so you should supplement them. A good example is vitamin B12, as it’s particularly important to the normal functioning of the nervous system and might help if you feel tired all the time. If you are a heavy coffee drinker remember to give your body some additional potassium and magnesium as coffee flushes it out off your body. Besides that, coffee is actually very good for your health, as proven by some of the latest studies (check out the NCBI site if you wanna know more). Apart from coffee, drink lots of water and try to dump sugar and artificially sweetened drinks. ❌ A nice thing is that more and more companies and supervisors are starting to pay attention to staff well-being. Benefits like cantines in the workplace that serve healthy food or gym (and other utilities) cards for workers, used correctly will definitely improve attitude, mood and employees effectiveness. Last advice is to make a habit of reading labels on everything you can, when doing shopping. After some time, automatically you will get to know more harmful components which to avoid. If you’ll start to feel overwhelmed get an app. They can help you with tracking calories, finding recipes, planning meals, encouragement and fast access to info about ingredients that you don’t know. Eating should be fun, so the awareness that you eat healthier will, by itself, make you feel better. Maybe your colorful lunch will attract positive attention and who knows what benefits will that bring? 🤔

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