How to refresh an e-commerce store and gain new clients

Nowadays a good product isn’t enough. If your product is great, polished, and at a good price, but your website looks or works poorly, it is going to be a disaster. Your product could be the next big thing, but to achieve that your website should be pleasant to use and - what’s more important - to get people to buy your products.

If you own an e-commerce store and you’re reading this article, then I assume that you think it needs some renovation. I will try to make things clear in terms of getting your e-commerce store to the modern era of internet shopping. Stay with me and take a look on how BoostTypers team deals with such a task.


There are many things to check before we start our work. First, we need to take a closer look at the technologies that were used to create your e-commerce store. Are they up-to-date with current web development standards? Maybe your website is powered by a dead framework which is no longer supported - it basically means that it’s vulnerable to hacker’s attacks.

Low security is not the only thing to consider. Perhaps you want to add new features to your store, but the lack of proper documentation is driving your developers crazy. You will definitely want to add new features at some point, won’t you?

In terms of design we are checking if it’s consistent and thoughtfully crafted. It should look good on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Did you know that around 60% of all searches are initiated on mobile devices? If your website looks awful on mobile devices then you get the idea, right?

The most important step is to check the purchase process. It should be as smooth and easy as possible. The number of steps required to buy something should be minimal. This is essential because from my personal experience when I want to make a purchase and I see five steps with multiple forms to fill with a ton of information, it could discourage me from completing the process and therefore the money stays in my pocket instead of powering some business.

When the audit is ready, we can make a decision if your shop should be written from scratch or we can just improve some things to refresh it.


Every project should have a start. It will look different and it depends on which option we choose after the audit.

When your shop is written using modern technologies and has no to little technological debt, then the start is really simple. We convert the audit result into the task list, redesign the required shop elements, and after the client’s confirmation we’re done. Client can happily see the increase in sales and please his eyes with a fresh and consistent design. :)

In case our audit shows that it’s better to write your shop from scratch, then we have much more work to do… Firstly, we organize workshops with the client to make sure that both us and the client have the same vision. We take notes, talk through the client’s suggestions, and show our point of view according to our experience. Most of the time we must kind of educate our client in terms of what exactly we will be working on, why this is so important, and how to make his store a great place to buy.


When we’re dealing with small improvements, there is not much to say. We provide our developers with clear vision on what needs to be done. They do it according to specification. We test it and ship completed work to our client. That’s it.

On the other hand, if we make a new e-commerce store, these are the most important things to mention about our work:

  • We must establish a good and frequent contact with the client. (We use Slack to keep our clients up-to-date with all the important things and to react quickly)
  • Our designers prepare a design proposition according to the client’s needs
  • We split our work into 2 weeks sprints, and after every sprint the client is provided with information what we did, and what needs to be done in the next sprint
  • We inform our client as soon as we get stuck and we think that it could possibly affect our deadline
  • Our developers do their best to write clean and testable code
  • We upload a new version of a project at the end of every sprint to our test server, so the client can see his project growing and possibly discuss and change the things that we will be working with on the next sprint
  • We provide comprehensive service - it means that everything that needs to be done in order to complete and publish a project is done by us. The client is never left alone with any task

Project completion.

When the last sprint is completed and the deadline is met, the client can see the whole project on our test server and give us some feedback on his new e-commerce shop.

This is the time for the final fixes. Our goal is to leave the client with a really decent modern store and a smile on his face. :)

When the work is done and everyone is happy with the result, we choose the right server, configure it according to the project’s needs and finish our technical work by uploading our well tested project to this freshly configured server.

We also provide technical support for our projects. So you’re not alone even after the project is completed. Who will know more about this project than us, the creators? That’s why our support to your project could be cheaper and faster than our competitors’.

Final words.

To sum things up, we can’t cover every little thing in this short article. It’s just a short introduction to our work process. There is much more than that, but no worries. We can help you build your e-commerce empire from the very beginning to the glorious and wealthy future.

Perhaps we can collaborate on making your e-commerce store great again?

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